Management Services

Management Services

Considering having your real estate portfolio professionally managed?

What sets LVR Management apart from our competitors?

  • Property Management is our core business.  Many real estate companies offer management services as a side business to their core sales business. In many cases you are dealing with a hired associate while the company’s owner focuses on sales.  The only sales that we precipitate in are the sales and purchasing of properties for our existing clients.  This allows us to devote our time and efforts to the management of rental units.
  • The owners of LVR Management are active real estate investors; therefore they have the same focus on investing as the client. By owning property, the owners understand that leasing units and keeping repairs in check affect the bottom line. Our owners actively develop property and build additional units. Opportunities are available for clients to participate in developing and the construction of additional units for their own portfolio.
  • Other management companies accept any property to manage. LVR Management only takes on clients, not properties.  To help ensure our time is best spent focusing on our clients and their real estate needs, we only take on clients that are professional investors.
  • We have longevity.  We understand that a management company is a service which you do not wish to change providers often.  LVR Management has 30+ years in Bell County Texas and has plans to be around for many years to come.

We challenge you in looking for a management company to ask the competition the following questions:
1.) Is management your primary business?
2.) Does the owner of the company invest in real estate?
3.) How long has the company been in business?
4.) If I have a problem can I deal directly with the owner of the company?

If you would like additional information about our management services please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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